Doctor-360 Healthcare Platform

We create simple and complex Business softwares stuffed with out-of-the-box features, based on solid Model Driven Architecture.

Product Overview

For millions of people around the world, Doctor 360 is the trusted online healthcare portal for their family. It connects them with everything they need to take good care of themselves and their family - assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, booking consultations, obtaining medicines, storing health records or finding new ways to live healthier and safe.


We are dreamers, thinkers and do-ers rolled into one. Together, we want to improve the healthcare experience for all humanity. We are guided by our values and driven by our motto to do great. These are not just principles for our products or our company, but they are a reflection of who we are as people.

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The most transparent pricing ever. Tired of frequent consultation fees and short sessions? Start using the Doctor 360 services on monthly basis without worrying about the short consulation times. Our prices defined by the doctors based on the features they provide. There's not any extra or hidden fee. You just pay for what doctors and plan you subscribe. Basic plan starts with $15 per month which unlimited chat sessions and upto 4 online video consultations.

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